Phoenix 400 - Engine 9.5

The PH400 configuration 9.5 is equipped with a 9.5 hp Kohler Pro engine guaranteed for 3 years, a 3.2 + 3.2 cc double pump, a professional crown and a 40 cm bucket.

This configuration is recommended for individuals and semi - professionals wishing to carry out their own excavation work.

It is possible to adapt a telescopic arm, auger or grapple

Description technique

Empty weight: 640 kg
Total height: 1 700 mm
Overall width: 830 mm


Turret rotation angle: 210°/150° (right or Left)
Detachable arm on the walnut to allow digging along a wall
Maximum height (ground): 1m95 (bucket open)
Maximum depth (of the base): 2m22
Breaking force: 1,6 t

Standard Engine 

Engine 9.5 CV Kohler with electric start
Air cooled engine
Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke - 9,5 hp
Power: 7.1 Kw
Cylinder capacity: 277cc
Consumption: (100% charge): 1,9 L/h
Fuel tank capacity: 7.4 L

Hydraulic Pump: Dual Gear Pump 3.2 + 3.2 cc
Operating pressure: 140 bars
Flow rate: 7 + 7 l/min
Traction motor: Orbital
Hydraulic tank capacity: 25 l
Tracks of origin: 180x72x43

In the Kit version, hydraulic oil and paint are not supplied.
In the Welded and painted version, hydraulic oil is not supplied.

Prices - Engine 9.5 Hp

PH400 9.5 cv - Ready to use Version
9.5 cv Kohler Pro
Prête à l'emploi
6666.67 €
8000.00 €
PH400 9.5 cv - Welded and painted version
9.5 cv Kohler Pro
Version Soudée peinte
5333.33 €
6400.00 €
PH400 9.5 cv - Welded only version
9.5 cv Kohler Pro
Version Soudée
5016.67 €
6020.00 €
PH400 9.5 cv - To weld, paint and assemble
9.5 cv Kohler Pro
Version kit à souder
4450.00 €
5340.00 €
VAT 20% - Deposit of 500 € requested for an order
Quotation to fill and return to us by mail or post

Attention, the engine power does not increase the power of the machine, it only changes the use and maneuverability of the shovel when using it.