Wood grapple 700 

Technical specifications


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Grapple 700
180.00 €
216.00 €
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62.50 €
75.00 €

20% VAT - Full Payment with order
* Without fixation and horses

Technical Description

This instrument can be adatped on crane, forest cranes, mini digger, digger front loader, manutention engines...

Opening of 70 cm rendering manutention works easy.

Pendular grappling, built only to bear a vertical load.

For the installation, the grapple must be free of movments in every directions, no other pieces must prevent its movements.

This grapple mustn't undergo any downward force. Maximum adviced loads around 700 kg up to 1000 kg.

The installation on diggers should should be 0.8t to 1.5t.
Weights and dimentions are only given as an indication.