Phoenix 400 - Mini digger 1.6t

Auger for the Phoenix 400
Materials designed and manufactured in France


Product and version
Taxes exc.Taxes incl.
PH400 - Ready to use Version4850.00 €5820.00 €
PH400 - Welded and painted version3900.00 €4680.00 €
PH400 - Kit version3050.00 €3660.00 €
VAT 20% - Deposit of 500 € requested for an order


Installation instructions available only in french for the moment,

thank you for downloading them on the french page of the site

Technical description

Empty weight: 640 kg
Total height: 1 700 mm
Overall width: 830 mm


Turret rotation angle: 210°/150° (right or Left)
Detachable arm on the walnut to allow digging along a wall
Maximum height (ground): 1m95 (bucket open)
Maximum depth (of the base): 2m22
Breaking force: 1,6 t

Standard Engine 

Air cooled engine
Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Single cylinder, 4 stroke - 6,5 hp
Power: 4,1 kW
Cylinder capacity: 196 cc
Consumption: (100% charge): 1,9 L/h
Fuel tank capacity: 3,7 L

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic Pump: Dual Gear Pump 2,5 + 2,5 cc
Operating pressure: 140 bars
Flow rate: 5 + 5 l/min
Traction motor: Orbital
Hydraulic tank capacity: 25 l
Tracks of origin: 180x72x43

In the Kit version, hydraulic oil and paint are not supplied.
In the Welded and painted version, hydraulic oil is not supplied.

Accessories (options)

* Handling finger adaptable on original arm and telescopic arm


Option Kohler 9.5cv and Telescopic arm