Options possibles sur la PH400

The Phoenix 400 comes standard with a 6.5 hp Excalibur engine with launch starter (SP95 or SP98 gas) and a standard slewing gear included in the base price whatever the version chosen.
The machine is fully guaranteed 1 year (excluding consumable and wear due to use).

Standard engine? Kohler engine?

It is possible to upgrade the engine to improve the handling of the Phoenix 400:

- The Excalibur 6.5 Engine is a motor identical to the original engine, but with an electric starter mounted on it for a quick start.

- The 9.5 Kohler pro engine with electric starter is the ideal engine for intensive use

The engine is guaranteed for 3 years by the manufacturer and we are upgrading the hydraulic pump for a better flow which allows a better fluidity in the controls of the shovel and a greater speed of displacement.

The Kohler 9.5 engine runs on gasoline SP98 or E10

Be careful, changing the pump does not increase the power of the machine.

Professional gear? Standard gear?

The slewing gear is the center piece of the Phoenix 400, which ensures the longevity and precision of the machine during your work.

The standard gear is perfect for a private use (gardening, small earthworks ...)

As soon as the activity becomes more intensive, as for a home renovation or long work, it is advisable to take the pro gear that has a better resistance in time to this type of solicitation.

Push pull bucket option

The hoses feeding the bucket's cylinder are mounted with 2 sets of quick couplings, which allows them to be decoupled easily to feed a tool that does not require the use of the bucket cylinder (pendulum tools such as auger and grapple, for example). ).

Hydraulic line option

These are 2 hoses with quick couplings pulled from the hydraulic distributor
to the bucket to feed a tool without having to disassemble the hydraulics on the shovel.

As standard, the PH400 has an additional hydraulic function to power an option, you just have to pull these 2 hoses to power a tool.

Joint tournant

D'origine la PH400 a une butée, celle ci empèche la rotation complete de la tourelle pour que les flexibles alimentant les moteurs hydrauliques et la lame ne soient pas coupés. 

La butée est réversible pour tourner de préférence sur la gauche ou sur la droite ( une vis à changer d'emplacement)

Le joint tournant permet la rotation illimtée de la machine, c'est une pièce qui se situe au centre de la machine et qui permet l'alimenation en huile hydraulique des chenilles et de la lame.