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Technical specifications

Perfect for soil drilling, this auger can dig up to 80 cm deep; Ideal for poles fixations, small trees plantation...
Thanks to its hydraulic motorisation, no starting troubles or noises... 
With a power of 36 daNm, This auger has a rotation speed of of 40 rpm. For ease of use, this model comes with a screw breakage system (in case there is to much torque on the drill bit)

After removing the drill bit, a wood splitter can be mounted (picture 3); available on the wood splitter page.


excl. taxes
Auger for PH400 with Ø100 drill
300.00 €
360.00 €
Auger for PH400 with Ø150 drill
315.00 €
378.00 €
Auger for PH400 with Ø200 drill
340.00 €
408.00 €
Ø100 drill bit alone
108.34 €
130.00 €
Ø150 drill bit alone
116.67 €
140.00 €
Ø200 drill bit alone
141.67 €
170.00 €
Wood splitter 
130.00 €
20% VAT - Full Payment with order