Hydraulic tools


Perfect for drilling the earth, this turret can dig to a depth of 80 cm, ideal for pole attachments, for planting small trees ...

Auger + support for PH400

Auger with wick Ø100 - 360 € TTC
Auger with wick Ø150 - 378 € TTC
Auger with wick Ø200 - 408 € TTC

Weight 25 to 30 kgs

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The wood splitter cone

The wood splitter cone is the ideal tool for splitting long log lengths without having to handle them.

Wood splitter cone + Support - 360.00 € TTC
Wood splitter cone only- 130.00 € Including tax

Weight 25 kgs

* Compatible all versions

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Pendulum type grapple designed to support a vertical load only.

Grapple 700 with support PH400 - 280 € TTC
Grapple 700 alone - 216 € TTC

Weight 25 kgs

Telescopic arm 

Telescopic arm  HHO

Telescopic arm for Phoenix 400 mini excavator
40 cm double acting hydraulic outlet.
Allows depth of excavation up to 2 m.
* The Telescopic Arm requires a double-acting hydraulic line for its power supply.

Telescopic arm welding kit 354 € TTC
Telescopic arm ready to use 594 € TTC

Weight 50 kgs
* Compatible configuration 9.5 hp - 14hp
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Hedge trimming

hedge trimming HHO

Hedge size for PH400

Kit - 900 € TTC
Mounted - 1000 € TTC

Weight -

Technical description coming soon
* 14cv configuration compatible only

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The vine clamp

Vine clamp

The vine clamp is a tool allowing an easy uprooting of vine roots.

Can be used with all diggers with an hydrolic system between 1.5 and 3 tons.
This clamp needs a double effect hydrolic lign in order to activate the cylinder.
*The clamp is offered without its support, it can be made on demand for diggers without quick released clip by sending us the blueprints of one of your buckets or by sending us one of your buckets.

Vine clamp without support kit version - 455 € TTC

Vine clamp without support welded and painted - 589.20 € TTC

Fixation made on demand (dimensions required) - 50 € TTC 

Weight 60 kilos

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The vine clamp

Video made by HHO