Chassis variable way


The variable track chassis allows the Phoenix 400 to increase the impasto of the tracks from 84 cm to 114 cm.

Increasing the width of the tracks allows for increased stability during front or side excavation work and thus work safely regardless of your position.

The variable track chassis requires a double-acting hydraulic line for its power 

- Limited quantity for launch
- The rotary joint option is not currently available with this product.


The variable track chassis is available as standard option on the PH400,
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Taxes inc.
Chassis variable track PH400 only - kit
1952.00 €
2342.00 €
Chassis variable track PH400 only - weld paint
2352.00 €
2822.40 €
Chassis variable track PH400 only - ready to use
3140.00 €
3768.00 €
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Technical specifications

Technical specifications